Sedum in a Glazed Ceramic Vase


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This beautiful new Sedum has just landed and we love the dusky pink tones with the glazed stone pots. Really textural and tactile.... each stem is wired too, enabling us to create a gorgeous organic shape to this set.

Hand arranged and finished with natural bark.

Perfect for side tables, mantles, consoles and niches. 

Sold as a set of 3.


Small - vase 7cm(h) x 9cm(w),arrangement 14cm(h) x 13cm(w)

Medium - vase 18cm(h) x 8cm(w), arrangement 36cm(h) x 25cm(w)

Tall - vase 30cm(h) x 14cm(w), arrangement 71cm(h) x 28cm(w)

Code: F724

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