Lappa Bush in Black Glass/ Wood Vase (bulbous)


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Transform your space with the Lappa Bush in Black Glass / Wood Vase. The vibrant russet tones of the Lappa Bush bring warmth and texture, while the sleek black glass vase and wooden base add a modern touch. 

Perfect for niches or  consoles.

Available in four sizes ( see G545 / G546 for taller versions), sold individually


Small vase 14cm(h) x 12cm(w), arrangement 22cm(h) x 23cm(w)

Medium Vase 18cm(h) x 16cm(w) , arrangement 33cm(h) x 35cm(w)

The smallest bulbous vase works brilliantly with the G545 and / or G546 for a different look! ( see thumbnails for a picture)

Code: G547

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