Foxtail Lily and Angelica Stems in Ridged Metal Vases


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If you are looking for a contemporary showstopper with some height, this floral duo... newly created this season.... won't disappoint!

Stunningly majestic Foxtail Lily that not only look but feel like the real thing, intricately designed with Angelica, Aloe leaf and Japanese knotweed in a beautiful ridged matt black metal vase.

Sold individually but we think they look fantastic as a pair. If you would like to showcase with the medium empty vase too that can be purchased separately.

Perfect combination for styling an entrance table or large console.


Small floral-  vase 30cm(h) x 16cm(w), arrangement 76cm(h) x 60cm(w)

Large floral - vase 60cm(h) x 24cm(w), arrangement 120cm x 80cm

Medium vase without florals - 46cm(h) x 18cm(w) 

Code: F710

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