House Dressing

One of our biggest privileges is dressing a client’s home. Sometimes this can be gradually over a period of months or even years but on many occasions we’re called upon to accent a whole house with our florals and greenery in one install. The project below talks through some of the factors we consider, making sure we achieve the best results for the space.

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Client brief The overall vision was to be exuberant, high end and eye catching. Complementing the colours and textures chosen by the designer and adding a floral scheme that was not overpowering but encompassed the look and feel of the interiors. The client wanted a bespoke feel to the project relying on our creativity to bring her rooms to life.

After the initial consultation, a site visit was carried out to clarify the requirements and the scheme was scoped out looking at; fabric and wall colours, texture and floor materials, vase shape and dynamics, floral options, functionality and of course budget.
Over the following weeks, concept ideas and samples were exchanged so the client could get a true visual presentation.

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The front reception room had some beautiful shades of orange both in artwork and fabric and so we carefully matched these colour accents within the florals.

The entrance hall piece for this project needed to be a focal point. Challenging…as the display needed to have amazing visual impact not only at ground level but from above too.

Obviously for us the stems we use are paramount. The quality has to be an absolute given and the flowers as botanically correct as can be. Having over 17 years experience sourcing artificial flowers and plants, we can utilise a vast range of beautiful stems and know exactly how the structure and shapes will work together. It’s not always as easy as you think!

RTfact team RTfact team

For this area, we also needed to consider the stunning lighting descending through the staircase, we decided on a mix of soft “fresh looking” florals in clear glass rather than ornate vessels to keep the finished look clean. The end result complementing the light feature without taking away for it's stunning detail.

Moving on to the kitchen space.. this was very contemporary. We decided to incorporate the orange tones of the chairs and use some interesting textures such as coral and protea giving a very modern table centrepiece.

Careful consideration was also given to artefacts and artwork. For instance on the first floor landing there was some beautiful artwork, this time we selected some beautiful metallic bronze vases to pick up the colours within the art piece.

RTfact team RTfact team

The master bedroom had a very soft look. The brief being art deco / Tiffany in style. To complement, we used soft cream Peonies in mirrored crackle glass bowls, continuing through to the dressing room too.

In the office we needed functionality. Simple, in proportion and not conflicting with the workable desk space. Grasses adding a splash of colour and softening the angular shelving unit and classic Orchids in a rich bronze wine cooler to bring some metallic interest to the space.

Similarly the bathrooms needed to be softened and we introduced round shaped vases to smooth the very contemporary lines of the bath and wall units.

The Orchid arrangements gave a strong splash of green, just the right height and size, so as not to distract from the bath area and above all keeping it functional. The key here was not to overdress but to add a sense of luxury.
To discuss a home project, large or small, please do get in touch, we'd love to talk through your requirements and help you with ideas.

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