All in a day's work...

I thought I’d highlight an install of the month and for May, I’ve picked one of our favourite corporate hire installs - the Gherkin..

Even though in some respects, with the hike up to the 39th floor, it's also the most challenging!.

So how does it all work?.

come and see usoutside planting

After our planning phase with the client, looking at themes and potential events, we focus on creating designs to work the space.

Always wanting to create something different and focusing on the amazing scale of the venue that we’re dressing

When it comes to the install day, it’s always an early start, with a well deserved coffee en route. Once we’ve unloaded, its up to the 39th floor (have I mentioned that aready) and then it’s time to titivate and make sure everything is in place and pristine before the first clients of the day arrive.

come and see uscome and see us

When using artificial flowers it’s always paramount to us, that they don’t look artificial and this month we’ve focused on using fresh greens and whites to give a clean and modern look.

As we’re dressing both lobby areas and restaurant tables, we like to make sure there is a flow. Often tying in flowers or in this case, Succulents, to bring the overall scheme together.

The Gherkin is without doubt one of London’s landmark iconic buildings and when you’re up there in the early hours, watching the sun rise over the fabulous city of London - it takes some beating.

Sometimes it’s worth setting that alarm clock just a little bit earlier but if that’s not your bag, why not go for the sundowner instead - we had our team celebration at Searcy’s at the Gherkin restaurant last year and had a truly wonderful evening. Check out their forthcoming events here..

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